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Fertility Medicines

Infertility can be overwhelming. Not only are you faced with the shock of not being able to have a child, but suddenly you are thrust into learning an entirely new language. This section of our site is intended to provide you with factual information on the most common fertility drugs. Your physician and medical team will discuss use of the drugs that are appropriate for you. Be sure to properly store all medications to ensure their potency.

Be aware that it is illegal to import fertility drugs from outside the United States. Medications made or purchased outside the USA for lower prices may not have FDA approval. In addition, if there is a problem with a particular batch of a drug, the FDA has no way to recall the drug. Consumers with questions about importation of drugs for personal use should consult with their local FDA office or the FDA Imports Operations Branch in Rockville, MD.

Understanding Fertility Medications

As couples make the decision to seek advanced fertility treatment, they may often become quickly overwhelmed with all the different medications they will need to take. Read more.

Types of Medications

Your diagnosis and treatment plan determine which medications you will take. Talk it over with your doctor and make sure you understand your treatment plan.Learn more about the types of medications here.

Donating Unused Medications

You may be considering sharing your unused medication with others, to help them save on treatment expenses. However, it is illegal for RESOLVE to encourage you to donate or receive prescription medication without going through a pharmacy. It is better to give any unopened medications to your infertility practice; they can take full responsibility for dispensing it, and some clinics have give-back programs.

Questions to Ask If You Are Taking Infertility Drugs

Print out this great resource and bring it to your doctor’s appointment. Download here.

Specialty Pharmacies

A specialty pharmacy is a pharmacy exclusively dedicated to providing medications that require special storage, handling, or specialized knowledge of the condition being treated. These medications are usually high-cost, complex, and are not immediately available at regular retail pharmacies. Learn more about these pharmacies including how to find a pharmacy near you, how they work, and tips from our community. Read more.

Infertility in the Age of the Internet

Thousands of websites offer to sell prescription infertility “solutions” without a prescription to patients. Learn how to ensure that your next online medication purchase is a safe one. Read more.