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Living Childfree

What does it mean?

Choosing to live childfree is a way to resolve your infertility. It is a commitment to each other. Childfree living can be a rewarding, fulfilling alternative to couples facing the crisis of infertility. When couples experiencing infertility move through the grief over not having a pregnancy or a biologically linked child, it's an opening into a world of possibilities.

Myths and Facts

Ever wondered what living childfree would feel like, but afraid of the stigma placed on this option? We'll break down the myths and facts from some of our most frequently asked questions.  

A Personal Story

Hear from a RESOLVE volunteer, first-hand, how she and her husband made the decision to live childfree.

Our Decision to Live Childfree: A Personal Reflection

We choose childfree living as a resolution to our infertility... It was not an easy decision.

A Family of Two

Just as my experience with infertility was a journey, so too is the decision to live our life without children of our own.


To talk to a RESOLVE volunteer who has personal experience living childfree, please call the RESOLVE HelpLine at 866.NOT.ALONE (866.668.2566) and press extension 4.

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