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Give Voice to the 1 in 8 Diagnosed with Infertility

No one should have to face infertility alone. Whether you were personally diagnosed with infertility or love someone who was, your support helps RESOLVE improve the lives of people living with infertility. Ways to Give

One in eight U.S. couples of childbearing age is diagnosed with infertility. RESOLVE addresses this public health issue by providing community to these women and men, connecting them with others who can help, empowering them to find resolution and giving voice to their demands for access to all family building options. Your generous donation supports these efforts, including: 


  • Work with our grass-roots network of volunteers to grow the number of support groups in local communities;
  • Provide low/no-cost educational programs both live and online for women and men diagnosed with infertility on the many ways in which to build their families.

The Center for Infertility Justice:

  • Lead the charge against legislation that negatively impacts infertility patients;
  • Promotes family friendly legislation to provide access to all family building options for infertility patients.

Project IF:

  • Reach more people diagnosed with infertility who are suffering in silence;
  • Educate the public on when to seek the care of fertility specialist; and
  • Seize opportunities to work with the media on providing awareness about infertility and RESOLVE.

There are many ways to support RESOLVE. 

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—You can make a donation in honor of a friend or family member. Find out more here.


   Make a Charitable Donation—Show your support today. Donate now.

 Other ways to support RESOLVE.



To mail a check:
RESOLVE: The National Infertility Association
1760 Old Meadow Rd., Suite 500
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