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Infertility can be very isolating. But you are not alone.

Support Groups

A support group, whether professionally-led or peer-led, will help you feel less isolated, empower you with knowledge and validate your emotional response to the life crisis of infertility.

Online Support Communities

You are not alone. Join one of RESOLVE's online support communities. More than 22,000 support group members meet online each day to help each other through the infertility journey.


Through RESOLVE HelpLines, you can connect with someone who has experience with infertility and can help you navigate the resources available to you. Call today.

Managing Infertility Stress

Use these tips and techniques to manage the stress that is part of the infertility journey.

Infertility and the Military

Are you or your spouse in the military? Learn about the fertility treatment options for military families.

Talking about Infertility

Here are some communication tips for talking about your infertility journey with friends and family, at your workplace, or with your children.

Pregnancy After Infertility

Learn how to manage the feelings that come with being pregnant after infertility.

Finding Resolution

When is the right time to move on from fertility treatments? Discover strategies for taking the next step after treatment.

You and Your Partner

You and your partner may not always be in agreement about your family building journey. Find ways to keep your relationship strong through this stressful experience.

For Family & Friends

Do you have a friend or family member who has been diagnosed with infertility? Read this section to learn how best to support him or her.

Managing Infertility Online

Using the internet to learn about your infertility diagnosis? Here's a section to guide you through what you should look for when surfing online for infertility information.


Who is on your team? It takes a community to help you through the infertility journey.

Share Your Experience

RESOLVE has partnered with Fertility IQ to ensure that all patients have access to a way to provide feedback about your experience with infertility treatment or to learn from others. Learn more here.